Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Pictures and RW Winners!

Okay before you find out the winners... you have to look at pictures of my ponies. Yes, totally a hard job, but try to enjoy it :)

Almost every year I test my horses by putting christmas decorations on them. My horses are saints when it comes to dealing with me and my schemes. Ember did really well and only took exception to one little bell. He got over it with time though.

First up is the wooden santa with a bell on the beard.
Hmm, one is not like the others...

Next the wooden tree, which Roscoe broke off the "Y" and so I skipped him. So there is a baby picture of him wearing the tree.

Baby Roscoe

 Then I changed to the green hat with a bell

Resigned to my type of crazy

Alwasy happy

 Then I added the garland and stocking. I had a plan and everyone needed to wear the same thing.


My super model

Over stuffed hat

Fitting right in

 And finally I added the stockings

Like any little kid...
Always losing socks

None are big enough for me!!!

My favorite model

So Cute!

Not to be out done

Grey Boys Win!

Are we done yet?

The orginal pair
 I saw this picture on Facebook and wanted to recreate it with my horses. Took some work, but it came out okay.

And now the winners!!!
Names were picked out of hat by my Dad as he walked in the door tonight.

For the $20 Gift Card: Kelly at Princess Diva & The Duchess Diaries

For the $40 Gift Card: Carly at Poor Woman Showing

PS: Emma email me so I can send you your gift card for the Foal Pool!!!

Email me at so I can send your gift card.

Thank you EVERYONE who participated! I enjoyed reading what your favorite RW items are and finding new blogs to follow. You all made my 500th post a memorable one.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

500th Post: Giving Thanks, Riding Warehouse Giveaway!!!

For almost four years now I have written about my riding and my horses. Fortunately you all have taken the time to read and comment. So for my 500th post, I reached out to Riding Warehouse and received two egift cards to give away. Riding Warehouse has a super reputation and I only hear good opinions of their site. My own experience has been positive and resulted in a Micklem, fancy reins and great hair nets. Hopefully two of you will benefit from the gift cards.

On this day when we give thanks,
I thank all of you for making Equinpilot what it is today.
I also thank Riding Warehouse for donating the gift cards to make this give away possible.

I am lucky to have seven wonderful horses in my life and a family and friends that help support them.

I give thanks to the horses of my past that helped me be the person I am today.

So now on to the giveaway. There are two chances to win depending on the level of participation.

To win the $20 egift card:
Leave a comment below with your favorite Riding Warehouse product.

To win the $40 egift card:
Leave a comment below with your favorite Riding Warehouse product.
Share this give away on your blog and post the link in the comments below.

Winners will be picked Friday December 2nd.
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Never Ending Cold Virus and Give A Way Alert

Not much has been happening at the barn... except more snot and coughing. This cold virus is still wreaking havoc in the herd. Poor Winston seems to be the hardest hit. Roscoe is a close second though. The good news is that Dottie is showing increased mobility since being on the Previcox. And so far I have been able to order more Previcox. I am going to keep ordering until the prescription expires.

The tough part is deciding whether to work the horses or give them time to heal. Some of them just look tired. I decided to play with Roscoe since I saw him romping about the field. After that ride that revealed how much he is holding back, I expect more and ask him for it. I refuse to work harder than him. This ride was definitely a step in the right direction. I worked him on the ground first and then pushed him to give me the same trot under saddle. He is responding quicker than the first time I asked for more. He still has his sticky moments especially when he thinks we should be done. Love my Cobby boy!
Screen shot of tonights ride, so flat

Today my Mom and I tried another session with her directing from the ground. Almost immediately I could tell Roscoe was not himself. He was obedient and with effort gave us what we wanted, but it was not with the same energy the first session had. We WTC both ways before calling it a day. His energy was low and his movement flat. My baby needs some rest.

Ember's anti pawing bowl protection
My other baby, Ember, needs some work. His company manners have worn off and he is starting to push his boundaries. Boy is he cute though. We have played with clippers, messed with his ears and taken him on trail walks with Dottie. Leggy boy measures 12 hands already. He seems to like my sister and lets her rub on him without complaining. Who knows he may be her ride in a few years.

Ah well, giving the ponies time off means I have time to do holiday shopping. Fly on Over is holding her 4th annual Blogger Gift Exchange and I always enjoy participating.

And if anyone needs help with holiday shopping, stay tuned for tomorrows post which will be a give a way with two chances to win gift cards.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!
Standing on a sawdust pile to steal hay

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"To Everything There is a Season"

When Mom told me the news that Byrds song came to mind. We know the time will come for all our horses but it is still sad.
So big, but so sweet

For Dottie, she has moved into the next season of her life: Retirement. The sad fact is that these big horses age faster and gravity is much harder on them. Mom had the chiropractor out to work on her and Deliah. We worried about the fact that Dottie had not been rolling as often and was stocking up more. We know she has issues in her neck and hind end. And everyone knows that "no hips" means "no horse." Not surprising the chiropractor found arthritis in her neck. What was surprising was that the arthritis in her neck was causing ataxia in her hind end. This causes her some instability and the end ridden work. The kids can still play with her, but no more adults. Plus the ataxia has probably lead to the loss of muscle we have been seeing. My sister, who is Dottie's main rider, worried she caused it by not riding very often. Our chiropractor made sure to tell her that was not the case.
Dottie was full of acupuncture needles and they must have released some blockage because she peed in the aisle. That lead to another revelation when the pee had mucus in it. The muscle loss has caused her girly part to recede and create a shelf, so she must have some back wash. Fortunately, the vet today said there is no infection. Anyway the chiropractor said the needles stay in longer for Dottie because she is an Earth Horse. Ha, I pinned her right. Some definitely were painful at first, but Mom said she relaxed as the pathways opened up.
We don't have to make the tough decision, but it is closer than I would like. This winter will be telling. The vet today put her on Previcox to help her feel a little better. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies have figured out they can get twice as much money from us by making an equine formula. Thanks a lot for making it harder to provide pain relief. I am going to try and order a bunch of Previcox before Winston's prescription expires so that the cost is lower.

So Dottie moves into the purely pampered pony category and will hopefully feel much better. She already has rolled more. I was never so happy to see a dirty horse before.
Dirty Dottie :)

On other news, the entire barn is now fighting the cold virus. As ugly as it is, we can only just keep doing the supportive care and let it run it's course. Ember was checked out by the vet today and got a thumbs up except for a wormy belly. A fecal will help us fix that problem.

Nothing cuter than a baby in a blanket
And finally Roscoe's oldest foal, Castleberrys Debonair, finished the Royal in Canada as Reserve Champion Cob. He came in second to an awesome mare who was bred in PA and used to show against Roscoe. The funny thing is, he seems to dislike baths. That is a trait he shares with Daddy. Roscoe has improved over the years but it will never be his favorite activity. PC for photos: friends of Debonair's Owner